Saturday, 23 May 2015

Annie Lennox

Today I want to tell you something about a singer, Annie Lennox, who has gained phenomenal success and because of her extraordinary voice. There's a lot of pain and intensity in her music.  I like her songs which are timeless. Annie Lennox is always very focused on making music which is her main motivation.
On a stage she is very energetic and confident. But when she was a student she was quite shy and she sang only to herself.  She learned and learned songs because she was just addicted to music. When someone asked Annie about her voice she  answered: “it sounds like something between Stevie Wonder and Joni Mitchell”.
            When she was a waitress in a cafe she met Dave Stewart and after a few days they started to work together and they formed the first band called "The Tourists". They toured across America, Europe and Australia. However their realtionship broke up at the time when "Eurythmics" started. She becames really famous.
In her opinion music is a wonderful platform to help other people. That's why Annie helps different charities such as  Amnesty International. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Flashbulb memories

Few days ago I was watching very interesting television programme and today I want to present you certain curiosity...

There is a particular type of memory wich psychologists call a FLASHBULB MEMORY. It's characteristics are you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you got a particular bit of public news.

It's clear there are same events which are so striking that we lay down vivid memories that remain for years afterwards. All of us have flashbulb memories.  Flashbub memories are memories that interlock our personal history with the history of our times. People tend to have relatively few flushbulb memories, but the ones they do have very vivid, they usually contain information about who, where, what and when, and they usually contain some idiosyncratie details as well. They're almost always linked to higly emotionally-charged events. Il's often death because it's bring to an end important cultural themes.
For example the death of John Lennon maybe a turning point in losing touch with The Beatles and all they'd meant to people.



Sunday, 2 November 2014

The wikipedia short article - Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni was born in 23 December 1967 in Italy. She is an italian model, singer and songwriter. She play the guitar. Her voice is charming and melancholic. She speaks French, Italian and English fluently. Bruni had a relationship with Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. She also dated rocker Eric Clapton and businessman Donald Trump. She is married to French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Carla Bruni has got dwo children: Aurélien and Guilia.


                             I like her songs very much. 


Saturday, 1 November 2014

It's my first post!!!

To be honest, I have never written a blog yet so it's a huge challenge for me. I know that my English is not good. I hope that after two years of study I will speak and write, of course, much better and without mistakes.

I want to tell you something about me... My name is Gosia. I study French and it is my real passion. I think that I love all the things connected with France, for example a culture, history, literature, cuisine and charming towns. I visited a lot of places in France. I would like to have a small house in Bordeaux because for me it is very magical, interesting and beautiful city.

My resolutions for the coming months are:

1. Read articles in English
2. Listen to English music (I usually chose French songs)

I will write posts every week. I hope to do it better and better.;-)